I love this time of the year.  This time of year represents a new start. The ability to start something from scratch, with a clean slate. Just like with many things, this time of year is relevant for both professional and personal life. The opportunity to cleanse and start over is significant as we roll into 2021. However, while we cleanse, it is important to stay true to who we are and look to make ourselves, and others, better. Along with vowing to work out more and lose weight (my annual resolution BTW), this year I will also begin to focus on creating better technical leaders in the new product world. Centauri Innovations believes in building the most efficient and effective product development and innovation organizations!

I find that the best technical talent tends to feel that they need to move to the management track in order to gain promotion, more salary and notoriety.  This is a sad concept for me, as I feel like we are forcing the proverbial square peg into a round hole. Some technical experts are just that, and we need them in product development, desperately. I learned this while leading several technology innovation groups, in different companies and different industries, that were staffed by the top genius scientists. As we would have career development discussions, I would always be astounded by these folks sharing that they needed to manage people in order to get ahead. In many cases, they had accepted this challenge and were failing…mainly because it was not their passion or purpose in life. So, as management, we would penalize them for being poor people leaders and we would lose their expertise, interest and passion in the process. They would end up broken and uninspired or worse yet, would just leave. A lose/lose, don’t you think?

In 2021, let’s be better leaders, managers, executives and work to help each individual be the best that they can be by leveraging their expertise and passion and letting them participate in growing their own future. Our job as leaders in an organization is to “grow” talent and “develop” people, not to reform, reconstruct or redirect people.  To me, this is true leadership vs management.  Top leaders are the owners of the vision.  How does their expertise further your progress towards the vision of your company? That is what we are being paid to figure out. We must connect these dots to achieve today’s stretch objectives.

Technical expertise can help drive technical strategies, technical skills development and provide mentorship for up and coming technical experts. Not everyone was cut out to conduct end of the year reviews!  Leverage their expertise and coach them on how to fit their genius into the strategy to benefit the company. You will see productivity, morale and results grow.  How is that for a NEW year? 

Happy New Year from Centauri Innovations!