I have two high schoolers who have been doing remote school since last March.  It has been an exercise in patience, diligence, but most of all, it has been a lesson in managing time.   It seems that now that there is more time at home, structure is more important than ever.

For me, I run my own business while playing teacher, dog walker, Uber driver and chef, and especially during Covid, I feel like there is not enough time in the day.  I was falling behind, even though I was spending more time at home than ever.  So what was the answer…a self prescribed, good old fashioned, structured schedule.  

Here are a couple of tricks that are working for me:

  1. After every hour of hard core work, I take a 10 minute break to gather my thoughts and regroup.  This really helps so that I am not constantly draining my brain and getting overwhelmed.
  2. I am a list master.  Lists help me to prioritize and remember what I need to do, personally and professionally.  Nothing more satisfying than crossing things off of a big list.  I am a progress junkie, so seeing things finish, helps to motivate me
  3. Don’t forget to schedule time to decompress.  Whether it is exercise, watching your favorite Netflix show or playing a sport, it is really important to have rigor and religion around what you like to do…for you.  

By keeping a schedule, albeit of my own making and governance, it became possible to make decisions about when to move on, how to pace myself and helped me to make progress.  So, think about making progress by developing your schedule and sticking to it and you will drive through your list of “things to do but never finish”.